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Zootex © Eco Animal Bedding Sand

Eco Sand

Zootex © Elephant Animal Bedding Sand

Elephant Sand

Zootex © Buffalo Animal Bedding Sand

Buffalo Sand

The Zootex site at Cheshire produces an ECO SAND that is in effect a waste product from the recycling of glass cullet for the filtration industry by sister company Zootech.


Glass is Sonically Imploded, heat sterilised and graded, the residual fine sand powder is bagged and widely used in Cattle Bedding and therefore suitable for ungulates (hoofstock) and other mammals. Whilst this product appears to be "dusty" even the finest particles are too dense to be airborn.


Eco Sand is both economical and ecologically sound as it is a recycled, recycled product avaiable from fifteen pounds per tonne.

ELEPHANT SAND and BUFFALO SAND, both have excellent free draining properties for use in a number of animal bedding applications. Elephant sand is available at twenty four pounds a tonne and Buffalo sand is available at twenty one pounds per tonne with discounts available for bulk orders.


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